OCPP server for EV fleet charging

Monitoring and remote access to your charge points

Stay vendor-agnostic

The OCPP server has been tested with all leading charge point brands and is compliant with latest standards.

High charger uptime for fleets

The connection has the best-in-market uptime (>99.995%) and allows charging even when the charger is disconnected.

Faster troubleshooting

Charge point operators access all OCPP logs and can remotely control the chargers to resolve the problem and ensure smooth charging for the fleet.

Customize your fleet management

Engineer teams connect the OCPP backend to 3rd-party applications using the REST API. Connect your chargers to your own data lake and mobile apps.

Electrada uses the OCPP server to manage chargers at Vanderbilt University

"With Ampcontrol, we have a lot of data to see the alarms coming through by OCPP and to be able to configure those to match our needs."

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada

Electrada provides Charging-as-a-Service (SaaS) to fleet owners

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What the Ampcontrol Energy Efficiency Software can Do
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Trickle Charging
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Energy Storage
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OCPP compliance

Connect charge points with OCPP

Seamless integration using the fully compliant OCPP backend system for EV chargers using the internet (Cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi). Tested with over 30 different brands of AC and DC chargers.

Tested with >30 brands
Regular hardware tests
OCPP compliant
Secure Web Socket
Reliability & uptime

Increase your charger uptime by staying connected

Increase your charger availability and uptime with Ampcontrol’s OCPP server. With >99.995% software uptime and low latency, it is the most reliable OCPP for EV fleets.

Best-in-market uptime
24/7 monitoring by support
Low latency
Offline charging possible
OCPP logs

Monitor OCPP messages in real-time

OCPP messages to improve the EV charger performance. Use the dashboard or data export to create custom reports for improved troubleshooting.

Download OCPP logs
Instant OCPP alerts
Seamless filtering
API access

Connect mobile apps or 3rd party applications

Customize your fleet operations by connecting 3rd-party systems to Ampcontrol’s API. For example, connect your own data lake to all real-time and historical OCPP data.

Integrate mobile apps
Remote control through API
Low latency (SLAs)
>99.995% API uptime

What Fleet Owners Say

Eric Mallia
VP of Sustainability Solutions

"Smart charging is important for Geotab customers as it provides a key input into managing both the loads at their depot as well as operations."

Ihor Starepravo
Head of Software at WattEV

"Ampcontrol's innovative AI-driven platform offers the tools we need to optimize and monitor our EV charge points. The company's vision aligns closely with our goals, and we are thrilled to be working with them."

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada

"Ampcontrol equips us with a dynamic tool to optimally plan capacity and manage energy demand to help our customers realize reliable electric fuel service whose price is lower on a cost-per-mile basis than what they currently pay for liquid fuel."

Ned Funnell
Charging Solutions Architect

"Ampcontrol is exceptionally important for us because we really need to have our finger on the pulse of what's going on with our charging depots. Since we have a contractual obligation to a very high degree of uptime, understanding what's going on the ground is critically important for us."

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa

"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa uses to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible despite the country’s constrained electrical grid."

Phil K-Dobson
CEO & Founder at Aerovolt

"Ampcontrol’s API has been the crucial link in developing our systems for electric aviation operations. Their system has allowed us to be the first to bring EV optimization into the market"

The Ampcontrol platform is built to serve the EV fleets that power our economy.