Cybersecurity for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Ampcontrol cybersecurity for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

EV Charging Cybersecurity Establishes Secure Connections to Charge Points

Prevent cybersecurity risks for EV charging stations and electric fleet charging. Maximize your protection of your EV charging station infrastructure against cyberattacks, unauthorized access, and human errors

Ampcontrol Cybersecurity for EV charging and electric fleets
Ampcontrol EV charging station cybersecurity with OCPP

OCPP Security for EV Charging Stations

OCPP connection with the highest level of Cybersecurity

Exchange sensitive information between OCPP backend and EV charger infrastructure using highest TLS versions, encryption, and authentication methods.

Secure Web Socket
Multiple security profiles
IP whitelisting

The resilience of Ampcontrol is very good. Especially when having a 24/7 operation like WattEV.

Salim Youssefzadeh
CEO at WattEV
Salim Youssefzadeh
Cybersecurity encryption of data for Ampcontrol EV charging infrastructure

Protected API

API access with high Cybersecurity standards

Avoid data breach and vulnerability using secure APIs. Ampcontrol’s EV charging system runs regular data backups and utilizes cybersecurity encryptions for all essential data on rest.

Secure authentication
Encrypted communication
Encrypted database
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"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa uses to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible despite the country’s constrained electrical grid."

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa
Ampcontrol EV Fleet Charging Cybersecurity Access Control

Role & Access Management

Enterprise-grade role-based access control for EV Fleet Charging Cybersecurity

Limit data access and possible security risks by giving specific dashboard access to each stakeholder (ground operator, asset manager, etc.). Use cybersecurity controls to create custom API roles to set access for each integrator.

Customizable roles
Single dashboard for admins
Limit views and API access
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Ampcontrol's impact is not just about a component of our technology stack, but it's about how we should think about future implementations for customers.

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada
Ampcontrol Single-Sign On (SSO) for electric vehicle charging infrastructure cyber security

Single-Sign On (SSO)

Manage users and access through Single-Sign On (SSO) for EV Charging

Connect Ampcontrol’s single-sign on cybersecurity for electric vehicle charging infrastructures to your active director (Microsoft, Google, etc.). After connecting Ampcontrol’s SSO you can manage users and roles through your existing IT systems.

Compatible with Microsoft, Google and Keycloak
Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication)
Stay compliant with your certifications
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Ampcontrol is a reliable and flexible partner, ensuring that the electric fleet's expansion is seamless and economically viable.

Hart Uhl
Senior Charging Operations Manager at Revel

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Trusted by Leading Fleet Operators

Ampcontrol works with a wide range of fleets, manufacturers, and solution companies to help them optimize their electric fleet operations. To learn more about Ampcontrol in action, check out the following case studies.

Reducing demand charges of Revel's vehicle fleet

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Overcoming grid challenges for EV truck charging in South Africa

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Maximizing charger uptime at North America's largest EV truck site

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Providing 99% EV charger uptime for Vanderbilt University

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