24/7/365 Hardware Monitoring for Fleets

Achieve world-class charger uptime for your electric fleets

Reduce downtime

Ampcontrol's support team tracks EV chargers 24/7 and receives instant reports in case of charger failures.

Minimize costs

Avoid hiring staff for multi-shift operations and complex training of internal team.

Trained team

Operators undergo training in all crucial scenarios to manage the charging software and the hardware of the charger.

Excellent driver experience

Receive exceptional reviews from drivers and customers by ensuring a high charger uptime and a seamless help desk with Ampcontrol.

WattEV charging site at port of Long Beach with Ampcontrol

WattEV relies on Ampcontrol’s 24/7/365 support to operate the largest electric truck depot in the Port of Long Beach

"Ampcontrol solved the uptime of our chargers and the readiness of our infrastructure, which is a critical part of our operation."

Salim Youssefzadeh
CEO at WattEV

Depends on Ampcontrol's 24/7/365 hardware monitoring for their fleets in California.

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What the Ampcontrol Energy Efficiency Software can Do
Control Chargers
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Manual Override
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Trickle Charging
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On-time Departure
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Energy Storage
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AC and DC
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Variable Capacity
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Reduce uncertainty with automatic error identification

Ampcontrol’s team gets automatically alerted when charger equipment fails or the charging session is interrupted. The operator will remotely investigate and escalate if necessary.

24/7 availability
Escalation policies
No call required
Remote restart or diagnostic
Help Desk

Provide 24/7 driver support when it gets difficult

Drivers reach a 24/7 hotline to report charge point problems and request help. Ampcontrol’s operation will guide the driver to start the charging successfully or verify charger configurations remotely.

Global support team
Remote restart & charger control
Escalation policies
Triage with OEM

Accelerate replacements & communication with OEM

Ampconrol’s trained technical team coordinates spare parts and replacements. For complex issues, Ampcontrol collaborates with the OEM to find long-term solutions and improve charger availability.

Next day issue reporting
Transparent weekly overviews
Improve vendor relationships
Charger commissioning

Seamless charger integration with a few hours

Technical staff coordinates first-time charger connection to the OCPP server. Charging stations go through on-site testing to ensure readiness and report installation errors.

Site integration within one day
>30 tested brands for fleets
OCPP compliant
Test vehicle compatibility

What Fleet Owners Say

Eric Mallia
VP of Sustainability Solutions

"Smart charging is important for Geotab customers as it provides a key input into managing both the loads at their depot as well as operations."

Ihor Starepravo
Head of Software at WattEV

"Ampcontrol's innovative AI-driven platform offers the tools we need to optimize and monitor our EV charge points. The company's vision aligns closely with our goals, and we are thrilled to be working with them."

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada

"Ampcontrol equips us with a dynamic tool to optimally plan capacity and manage energy demand to help our customers realize reliable electric fuel service whose price is lower on a cost-per-mile basis than what they currently pay for liquid fuel."

Ned Funnell
Charging Solutions Architect

"Ampcontrol is exceptionally important for us because we really need to have our finger on the pulse of what's going on with our charging depots. Since we have a contractual obligation to a very high degree of uptime, understanding what's going on the ground is critically important for us."

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa

"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa uses to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible despite the country’s constrained electrical grid."

Phil K-Dobson
CEO & Founder at Aerovolt

"Ampcontrol’s API has been the crucial link in developing our systems for electric aviation operations. Their system has allowed us to be the first to bring EV optimization into the market"

The Ampcontrol platform is built to serve the EV fleets that power our economy.