Provide EV Smart Charging for EV Projects

Ampcontrol works with Solution Companies to optimize fleets, micro-grids, infrastructure projects, and many more.

electric fleet optimization for solution companies

We understand solutions require the interaction of several hardware and software technologies. Ampcontrol can integrate with multiple systems and process different data sources for more advanced optimization use cases. 

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Uses a seamless API Integration
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Connects with vehicles and chargers
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Works with existing systems

How it Works

Ampcontrol provides the most powerful optimization technology in the market. At Ampcontrol we stand for flexibility, reliability, and scalability, for the highest quality optimization.

flexible software for electric car charging



Ampcontrol’s flexible software connects to new and preexisting hardware and software systems, easily adapting to our customer’s electric vehicle use case without adding any external hardware.



Our AI-powered software uses real-time data from vehicles, chargers, energy market, and other 3rd parties, to ensure a smooth and impactful optimization. Our algorithms have various backups and security layers constantly updating data, guaranteeing the highest reliability for EV smart charging.

scalable optimization software for electric cars
scalable software for EV charging



Our system runs on multiple cloud systems, using automatic scaling mechanisms. Even with a large number of vehicles, the setup can support fast and reliable optimization services. With our fully monitored and self-maintaining system, we achieve close to 100% uptime.

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Ampcontrol provides
advanced optimizations

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Real-Time Control
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Load Predictions
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Schedule Planning
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On-time Departure
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V2G Integrations
Battery Life Optimization
Battery Life 
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Demand Response Events
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TOU Rates &
Spot Pricing
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Solar & Battery Integration

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We offer an entire ecosystem to help you solve challenges with electric vehicle charging, EV fleet management, and electric logistic centers with machine learning.

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