Operate your EV fleet at its fullest potential

Electric Trucks at Depot

Operational excellence for fleets

Maximize your fleet performance and reduce costs with real-time visibility for charger points, vehicles, and beyond

Operate electric fleets with software

Charger Monitoring

Increase uptime for your electric fleet

Access all charger and vehicle status information in real-time. Sit operator can monitor and troubleshoot all assets remotely through on single platform.

Charger monitoring
Charger logs & diagnostic
OCPP compliant

Aeversa accesses charger insights to monitor charging sites for middle-mile trucks


Some of the fleets run 24 hours a day. The analytic data from Ampcontrol helps us to plan for charging rollouts into the future.

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa
Reando Potgieter

Vehicle Telematics

Track and ensure on-time departure for your EV fleet

Connect Ampcontrol to leading telematics partners such as Geotab to manage chargers and vehicles in one single place

GPS and telematics tracking
Easy-to-use fleet management views
Fueling and energy reports per vehicle

7Gen uses Ampcontrol's API send additional telematic data

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A significant impact through Ampcontrol is the ability to collect data about everything going on with the fleet, including the vehicle and charging integration.

Gabriela Favaron
Director of EV Infrastructure at 7Gen

24/7/365 Hardware Monitoring

Achieve 99% uptime for your fleet charging depot

Leverage Ampcontrol's global support team to take over your charge points' troubleshooting, triage, and error reporting. The help desk receives all driver requests and is available 24/7.

Instant error response
Avoid hiring support staff

WattEV uses the 24/7/365 monitoring service for the Port of Long Beach

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"Having Ampcontrol's support is very necessary for our operations. We want to avoid any issue where someone shows up at our depot and they don't know why the charger is not working."

Salim Youssefzadeh
CEO at WattEV
Revel uses software to manage charge points of their taxi fleet

Energy Monitoring

Advanced energy monitoring and optimization for fleets

Connect EV chargers to optimize fueling costs and your energy usage. Access a variety of charging session reports and track energy usage by vehicle, charger, site, and beyond

Exact energy tracking
Reports and downloads
Time series graphs

Revel uses the energy management to track and reduce energy costs by 45%

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Data is critical for keeping our fleet running. So we always use Ampcontrol to understand what cars are charging, their state of charge, and when it will be ready next.

Hart Uhl
Senior Charging Operations Manager at Revel

EV Fleets: How to Optimize Electric Depots

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Ampcontrol works with a wide range of fleets, manufacturers, and solution companies to help them optimize their electric fleet operations. To learn more about Ampcontrol in action, check out the following case studies.

Reducing demand charges of Revel's vehicle fleet

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Overcoming grid challenges for EV truck charging in South Africa

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Maximizing charger uptime at North America's largest EV truck site

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Providing 99% EV charger uptime for Vanderbilt University

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