Charging for Electric Fleets

Smart charging system for electric fleet cars, busses, and trucks.

Fleet Operator using Ampcontrol Smart Charging System

Unmanaged electric fleets can lead to exponential costs, and unreliable performance. Ampcontrol's AI-based software, optimizes the charging of electric fleets enabling reliable, efficient, and scalable operations.

How it Works

Ampcontrol uses real-time data from vehicles and charging stations to optimize the charging of electric fleets. Our multiple-objective optimization algorithms allows:

scalable optimization software for electric cars


Reliable On-Time Departures

A reliable fleet operation is key for a business. Our software uses vehicle schedules to plan charging times, optimize vehicle idle time, and ensure timely departures in real-time. We know this is one of the most important objectives for fleet operators, which is why our optimization algorithm ensures a close to 100% rate of on-time departures.


Lower Charging Costs

No matter the type of utility program you are using (TOU rates, demand charges, day-ahead pricing, or spot pricing), our smart charging system automatically updates the optimization depending on the real-time energy price and utility fees. Scaling electric fleets can be pricy, which is why our technology is one of the leading ways for cost savings.

Cost Optimization by Ampcontrol
flexible software for electric car charging


Seamless API Integration

Our goal is to make Ampcontrol's integration as easy and simple as possible. Our optimization software is accessible through  an API that seamlessly connects with your existing fleet management systems and other partners, allowing sending and receiving data a fast and reliable operation. Our API avoids complex changes in your existing IT architecture.


Flexible Operation

Electric fleet operations come with unexpected events, such as flat tires, maintenance times, etc. We understand things happen, which is why we built a flexible system where you can easily override optimizations in case of emergency, as well as manually apply specific optimizations for unique conditions.

Flexible Operations with Ampcontrol's Software
A variety of Electric Vehicles

What to Expect

Full Batteries

Use fleet information to ensure fully charged vehicles and a sufficient range for vehicles

Reduced Costs

Reduce the power demand for your charging locations and avoid high monthly energy bills

time optimization
No Delays

Connect to your fleet management system to ensure individual departure times per electric vehicle

High Resilience

Integrate backup power and intelligent fleet scheduling after hardware failure

Reduced Downtime

Reduce vehicle out-of-service by connecting fleet maintenance to EV charging

No Manual Tasks

Avoid daily manual tasks to coordinate electric vehicles at your fleet depots

Planning to Electrify your Fleet?

Electrifying your fleet can be overwhelming and pricy. You need to relay on real quantitative data, and not just on assumptions. At Ampcontrol we use our multi-objective algorithms in combinations with our scalable simulation engine. We can:


Simulate your Fleet Depot


Test Different Charging Scenarios


Generate Management Reports

Other capabilities and benefits

Reduce number of charge points

Ampcontrol's scheduling functionality decides, which electric fleet vehicle goes to which charge point.

Connect to electric vehicles

Ampcontrol connects to vehicle's telematics or vehicle data logger to make better fleet management decisions.

Day-ahead optimization

Ampcontrol optimizes up to 24 hours charging profiles for your fleet vehicle to make early fleet operation decisions.

Secured private deployment

If required, Ampcontrol deploys the fleet optimization software separately in private instances.

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We offer an entire ecosystem to help you solve challenges with electric vehicle charging, EV fleet management, and electric logistic centers with machine learning.

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