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Ampcontrol facilitates fleet charging as a service

Ampcontrol helps fleet owners manage and optimize their electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operations.

With intelligent technology for charging point operators

What We Do

With intelligent technology for charging point operators, fleet managers, and vehicle manufacturers, Ampcontrol is dedicated to helping the world build a safe and reliable EV charging infrastructure. We specialize in cutting-edge smart charging systems. These are integrated solutions where Artificial Intelligence (AI), software systems, and intuitive user experiences play seamlessly together.

Why We're Different

We are energy and software experts, passionate to learn on a daily basis, and 100% dedicated to what we do. We've set the goal to build the "brain" of electric vehicles that will allow companies to scale charging stations and electric vehicles while staying reliable, efficient, and fast.

energy and software experts


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Meet the Leadership Team

At Ampcontrol, our leadership team isn't just experienced; they're passionate innovators dedicated to a more sustainable future with electric fleets.

Each team leader closely collaborates with our expert developers, data scientists, business development and administrative professionals to help fleet operators achieve their optimization goals.

Leadership Team
Ampcontrol's Team Member
Joachim Lohse
CEO & Founder
Ampcontrol's Team Member
Jonas Schlund
Chief Product Officer
Ampcontrol's Team Member
Bela Patkai
Chief Technology Officer
Ampcontrol's Team Member
Fadwa Kingsbury
Head of Operations
Ampcontrol's Team Member
Dennis McGovern
Head of Sales
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