Automate all aspects of your EV charging network, for better control and efficiency.

Simulate your Electric Vehicle Charging Site

Get realistic charging site plans within a few seconds

Access the simulation tool

How it Works

1. Input your data points

With Ampcontrol’s simulation tool you simply input the number of vehicles, vehicle schedules, number of chargers, site’s power capacity, etc. that your site could possibly have.

Simulation Tool Process Ampcontrol

2. Run the simulation

Ampcontrol’s AI-based algorithms simulate realistic charging behavior for the site based on your input data. The tool will calculate key performance indicators to measure the feasibility and costs for the charging infrastructure.

Simulation Report Dashboard Ampcontrol

3. Analyze your results

Once the simulation is ready, you can download the report and review how your site would operate with your chosen parameters. Our software will show detailed charging profiles, compare smart charging and non-optimized charging, and rate the site's feasibility.

Simulation Tool Process Ampcontrol
Simulation Report Dashboard Ampcontrol

The Benefits of EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Avoid Grid Upgrades

Avoid the need for upgrades to the grid later and make sure that your operations are optimized by having a clear picture of power constraints and demands, and number of chargers needed before installation.

Improve Planning

Most EV charging installation projects use inaccurate spreadsheet calculations to plan their charging infrastructure. Ampcontrol’s simulation tool uses accurate data and allows you to change the constraints and parameters with ease.

Increase Sales

With our simulation tool there is no need for expensive data analysts. Our software helps your sales team to explain to potential customers how the charging infrastructure will work and give them an idea of cost and functionality.


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