Intelligent Software for Electric Vehicles

Whether you’re a fleet manager, EV manufacturer, or charging point operator, Ampcontrol is an AI-powered software that makes it easy for you to implement intelligent charging for electric vehicles.

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No Hardware Needed
Seamless API
For OCPP or non-OCPP apps
V1G & V2G

Why Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol is solving some of the top challenges in the EV industry:

Optimize Costs

We identify the best charging profiles with off-peak prices avoiding high peak demand charges while ensuring fully charged batteries and avoiding late departures.

Avoid construction

Avoid expensive long grid constructions for new charging stations. Our software is cloud-based, meaning it can be easily implemented to your software system.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Connect stationary energy storage and decentralized energy resources (DER).

View of EV charging optimization software (Ampcontrol)


Real-time control for EV charging

Ampcontrol is a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects to charging networks, vehicles, fleet systems, and other software systems. Our API is the key to on-time departure, low peak power demand, fully charged vehicles, and more.


Easy and Robust Software

Whether you use OCPP webservers, IoT communication, or hardware controllers for charging points and vehicles, our integration service allows us to integrate any type of user, no matter the size, from EV charging networks and electric fleets to logistic centers.

Parking lot with ev charge points with Ampcontrol smart charging sofware
Ampcontrol optimizes the charge of EV in manufacturing sites, logistic centers, and residential areas.


Flexible implementations, no hardware needed

Ampcontrol offers multiple options of optimizations so you can choose the right one for your needs. Cluster charging stations or vehicles, allowing you to optimize every location differently.


Powerful Smart Charging

Use and benefit state-of-the-art AI models without sacrificing speed or performance. We give you flexibility and control with features like Intelligent Peak Reduction, Electric Fleet Coordination, and Renewable Charging. Our interfaces have simple error handling that ensures uptime and helps your staff to use Ampcontrol.

Ampcontrol is a powerful smart charging toolset for ev
An example of Ampcontrol's API use for OCPP and non-OCPP applications


Seamless Integration Through Our API

Ampcontrol is using the highest industry standard to give only authorized parties access to the optimization and the data. Use only one API to access Ampcontrol on your backend system

A variety of Electric Vehicles

Our Customers

Fleet Operator

An interoperable technology to enable a reliable, efficient, and sustainable operation of electric fleet cars, buses, and trucks.

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Vehicle Manufacturer

Our software uses vehicle telematics to develop intelligent charging solutions and build self-managing cars, buses, and trucks.

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Charging Point Operator

Our technology integrates with existing EV charging backend systems for faster project approvals, lower energy costs, and reliable operations.

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Utility Company

Utilities use Ampcontrol to reduce grid losses and allow more EV charging on feeders. With time-of-use rates of their utility, consumers receive impressive financial benefit.

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Solution Company

Solution companies use our smart charging plug-in software to optimize costs and electric vehicles' uptime, benefiting directly their customers needs.

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We offer an entire ecosystem to help you solve challenges with electric vehicle charging, EV fleet management, and electric logistic centers with machine learning.

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