The Software for Electric Vehicle Charging Optimization

Software for electric vehicle charging optimization

Manage your electric vehicle chargers

Ampcontrol is a cloud-based charging and energy management software that connects to any EV charger using OCPP. The system uses real-time data to monitor charger performance, ensure vehicles’ on-time departures, and lower total energy costs.

cloud-based charging and energy management software

Our Standards

OpenADR Certification
OCPP 1.6 Standard
what is ocpp and how to use it for smart charging

Want to Learn More About OCPP?

Discover how OCPP eases communication of charging station networks and its potential for energy management and grid integration in our report, "What is OCPP and How to Use It for Smart Charging."


What our customers are saying

Learn how Ampcontrol optimizes Revel's Tesla vehicle fleet charging operations, reducing 45% of their monthly demand charges and ensuring all vehicles are ready for their next shift.

Why Ampcontrol

Manage all your EV chargers and vehicles from one system

Ampcontrol’s flexible system allows you to connect to any OCPP charge point, various vehicle telematics, and other systems such as energy meters and utility signals. Ampcontrol’s UI makes it easy to navigate and stay up to date on all charging operations.

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Ampcontrol simulation tool

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Ampcontrol’s system reduces costs, from the installation of charging infrastructure to the optimization of energy consumption and charging operations. Ampcontrol’s simulation tool helps plan new charging sites as well as upgrades.

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Ampcontrol Software Uptime

Ensure the High-Uptime of EV Charger Operations 

Ampcontrol’s system has a 99.999% uptime, providing you with the most reliable software solution for your EV chargers. Ampcontrol has implemented and proved various backup functionalities to always ensure the availability of your EV charge points.

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Ampcontrol simulation tool
Ampcontrol Software Uptime

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EV charging is made easy and reliable with Ampcontrol. Our software always keeps you informed, and allows you to visualize all of your operations.

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