Intelligent software for electric vehicles

Whether you’re a fleet manager, EV manufacturer, or charging point operator, Ampcontrol is an AI-powered software that makes it easy for you to implement intelligent charging for electric vehicles.

No hardware needed

For OCPP or non-OCPP apps

Seamless API

V1G & V2G

An entire ecosystem to help you solve challenges with electric vehicle charging, EV fleet management, and electric logistic centers with machine learning

Real-time control for electric vehicle charging

Ampcontrol is a software that helps charge point operators, fleet operators, and manufacturers to control electric vehicle charging. The software uses algorithms and Machine Learning methods to send commands to EV charging systems:

  • Calculate charging profiles for the next 24 hours

  • Send commands and update in real-time

  • High-performing cloud system for scalable optimization

  • Integrate charge points, vehicles, fleet systems, and more

  • Connects to existing charging software (e.g., OCPP)

  • Process data from energy, time schedules, and more

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real-time control

charge point

real-time control electric vehicle charg

vehicle data

fleet schedules

energy data

maintenance data

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Robust software

Ampcontrol sets new standards on reliability. Whether you use OCPP webservers, IoT communication, or hardware controllers for charge points and vehicles, Ampcontrol lets you use proven software standards.

Benefit from Ampcontrol integration service if you have large scale EV charging networks, electric fleets, or logistic centers.

Easy Implementation

Ampcontrol offers multiple options of optimizations so you can choose the right one for your needs. Cluster your charging stations or vehicles, which allows you to optimize every location differently. You select one of the AI-models, which makes getting started with Ampcontrol and smart charging easy.


If you need more flexibility, the Ampcontrol API allows you immediate integration with your existing vehicle backend systems, fleet software solutions, or hardware. 


The API offers you many simple possibilities to make changes, request data points, and for advanced integrations, without using any manual dashboard.

However, you can use the Ampcontrol Dashboard to monitor the performance and make settings if needed.

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Powerful Smart Charging

Use and benefit state-of-the-art AI models without sacrificing speed or performance. Ampcontrol gives you flexibility and control with features like Intelligent Peak Reduction, Electric Fleet Coordination, and Renewable Charging. Our interfaces have simple error handling that ensures uptime and helps your staff to use Ampcontrol. 

Ampcontrol supports smart charging for most EV charging hardware, collaborates with leading industry partners, and participates in the latest industry research groups.

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AI-based smart charging technology for OCPP servers through an API
Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Cost optimization

Identify the best charging profiles with off-peak prices and to avoid high peak demand charges.

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Avoid construction

Avoid long grid constructions or approvements from utilities for new charging stations

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Reduce CO2 emissions

Connect stationary energy storages and decentralized energy resources (DER) 

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles


Use individual & customized algorithms for each subnetwork, connector, or customer.


Seamless integration through our API

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Single point of integration

Use only one API to access ampcontrol on your backend system (OCPP and non-OCPP applications).

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Secure authentication

ampcontrol is using the highest industry standard to give only authorized parties access to the optimization and the data.

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

"Code friendly"

Don't change your running system. ampcontrol allows you to keep your IT infrastructure as it is. Simply "plug-in" the optimization.

Implement smart charging in few steps by using an REST API in our OCPP backend system to generate charging profiles
Integrate EV load managemnt

Integrate data sources

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

We help you to access and integrate real-time vehicle and energy data for precise optimization.


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