Local Controller for EV Charging Depots

Reliable On-site Power Management for EV Fleet Solutions

Operate During Internet Outages

The AmpEdge local controller can manage power even during internet outages or interruptions. AmpEdge's hardware is hardwired to the EV chargers and other assets.

Install More Chargers at Depots

With AmpEdge's local power management, fleets can oversubscribe their grid connection and install more chargers without grid upgrades.

Enable Microgrids for Fleets

Install battery energy storage (BES), solar generation, and buildings together with your EV charging infrastructure for EV fleet solutions at scale.

Cloud-enabled Fleet Optimization

Take advantage of Ampcontrol's AI-powered cloud software synchronized with AmpEdge. Get the most out of local and cloud resources for your fleet solution.

EV fleet charging solutions with Ampcontrol and AmpEdge

Electric trucking companies use Ampcontrol to optimize the site power

"Our operations use Ampcontrol to actively monitor the uptime of chargers and the system, and our management uses the home screen for ongoing monitoring of the Port of Long Beach."

Ihor Starepravo
Head of Software at WattEV

Power management for the largest fleet site in the country

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What the Ampcontrol Energy Efficiency Software can Do
Control Chargers
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Manual Override
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Trickle Charging
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On-time Departure
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Energy Storage
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AC and DC
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Variable Capacity
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Seamless Integration

Streamlined Commissioning and Customization

Connect AmpEdge to your charging infrastructure and other energy assets in only a few steps.

Standard hardware interfaces
Seamless customization
Optional with router and SIM
Remote setup available
Ampcontrol EV Alert Management Systems
Setup local controller with Ampcontrol
Solar & Battery InteGrations

Enhance EV Charge Points with Batteries and Solar

Companies use AmpEdge to install large MW charging sites with local generation and energy storage to create robust EV feet solutions.

Solar charging for fleets
Increase charging powr
MW+ charging for trucks
Backup power for EV sites
Large scale fleets with battery and solar
Software for solar and battery charging for fleet solutions
Dynamic Load Management

Charge Vehicles During Off-Peak Times

With AmpEdge, maximize energy efficiency across electric fleets by balancing power usage between EV charge points and building loads, including warehouses, packaging machines, and refrigeration units.

Dynamic power management
Seamless meter integration
Low latency
Dynamic load management with local controller - AmpEdge
Integrate building meter for fleet charging solution

Powerful Cloud Integrations

AmpEdge seamlessly integrates with Ampcontrol's cloud-based charging management system. This hybrid EV charging solution is tailored for enterprise-scale deployments.

Remote monitoring
Route & telematics integration
EV Fleet tracking
Advanced on-time optimization
Monitor local power management for ev charging - Ampcontrol
reports for local controller for ev charging
OCPP Report for local controller - AmpEdge and Ampcontrol

OCPP Report

  • What is OCPP?
  • How to connect a new charger?
  • Essential steps for smart charging
Download Report

What Fleet Owners Say

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada

"Ampcontrol equips us with a dynamic tool to optimally plan capacity and manage energy demand to help our customers realize reliable electric fuel service whose price is lower on a cost-per-mile basis than what they currently pay for liquid fuel."

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa

"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa uses to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible despite the country’s constrained electrical grid."

Hart Uhl
Senior Charging Operations Manager at Revel

"A key feature we rely on heavily is Ampcontrol’s load management functionalities, which we use to control the costs of recharging our fleet."

Gabriela Favaron
Director of EV Infrastructure at 7Gen

"Collecting data from Ampcontrol's platform helps us monitor vehicle and charger integration data. This provides valuable insights for us to fix any issues and shows us how we can optimize operations for our customers as well."

Salim Youssefzadeh
CEO at WattEV

"Having Ampcontrol's support is very necessary for our operations. We want to avoid any issue where someone shows up at our depot and they don't know why the charger is not working."

Eric Mallia
VP of Sustainability Solutions

"Smart charging is important for Geotab customers as it provides a key input into managing both the loads at their depot as well as operations."