Connect Smart Charging Optimization to your Electric Vehicles

Ampcontrol uses vehicle telematics to develop intelligent charging solutions and build self-managing cars, busses, and trucks.

No Hardware Required

Ampcontrol works with existing hardware and software systems. Automotive manufacturers can use our cloud-deployment or on-premise environments without changing existing systems.

Seamless API Integration

Our REST API allows vehicle manufacturers to build a proof-of-concept (PoC) or MVP within a few days to test and evaluate capabilities. Our engineers are ensuring high uptime, clear documentation, and immediate support for projects.

Capabilities for vehicle manufacturers

View of EV charging optimization software (Ampcontrol)

Smart Vehicle Connection

Electric vehicle manufacturers and OEMs are connecting their vehicle data to Ampcontrol's software. Selected data points are being fed from the telematic backend systems into the optimization engine to create new value-add for the vehicle owners, fleet managers, and other key customers.

Optimized Vehicle Usage

Reliability, range, and lifetime are critical for drivers and vehicle owners. EV manufacturers use Ampcontrol to dynamically optimize the charging and battery behavior, which extends the battery life and ensures the readiness of vehicles for planned trips.

diagram for optimizing battery lifetime
Software for Smart Charging Electric Vehicle Fleets (Ampcontrol)

Fleet Solutions

Companies are extending their existing fleet solutions with Ampcontrol's fleet optimization technology. This allows OEMs to offer packages of vehicles, charging, simulation, and fleet operation systems to their key accounts. Automotive manufacturers are increasing their vehicle sales and expanding their product portfolio.

What to Expect

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Connected Vehicles

Connect your vehicle backend and telematics data to generate new value for customers

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Intelligent fleets

Offer end-to-end fleet solutions and help customers to scale their electrification

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Optimized batteries

Extend the vehicle's battery life by controlling every single charging session

Seamless Integration

Build quick PoCs by using Ampcontrol's smart charging API

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Use Standard

Take advantage of ISO 15118 for international roll-outs of connected vehicles

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Simulate Use Cases

Run large scenario analysis to quantify business cases and make better decisions

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