Sell LCFS Credits from EV Fleet Charging

Ampcontrol has developed custom LCFS tools to report your generated credits. We work with leading LCFS brokers for secure and fast turnaround.

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What are Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits?

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits were designed to decrease the carbon intensity of transportation fuels and provide a range of low-carbon alternatives. The LCFS generates a credit for every metric ton of emissions avoided.

Companies that own EV chargers typically generate LCFS credits. Ampcontrol helps sell these credits, generating additional revenue for the charge point owner.

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Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits

What to Expect from our EV Charging Software

Data Tracking
Data Tracking

Our software captures all necessary energy data required by the states.

LCFS Reporting
LCFS Reporting

Ampcontrol developed LCFS reporting tools to easily aggregate the relevant data and generate the required LCFS report.

LCFS Broker
LCFS Broker

We work closely with several leading LCFS brokers and can handle the end-to-end process.

High Margins
High Margins

As the EV fleet owner, you will receive most of the generated revenue. Ampcontrol only keeps a small management fee.

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How LCFS Credits Work with EV Charging Software

Ampcontrol accurately monitors charging operations

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generate LCFS credit reports

Ampcontrol generates credit reports

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Receive LCFS credit earnings

Receive your LCFS credit earnings

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generate LCFS credit reports
Receive LCFS credit earnings

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How LCFS Credits Work with EV Charging Software
Dynamic load management
Dynamic Load Management

Balance the charging load of your site efficiently. Install more chargers at lower costs.

energy cost optimization
Energy Cost Optimization

Ampcontrol uses TOU rates and spot pricing to optimize the vehicles' charges preventing high energy expenses.

vehicle schedules
Vehicle Schedules

Our fleet optimization uses vehicle data to ensure the on-time departure of vehicles. For large fleet depots, the optimization will allocate the vehicles among the charging stations.

demand response
Demand Response

Enroll your charging stations in demand response programs or other capacity markets. Generate additional revenue by contributing the grid stability.


Enable automatic and optimized bidirectional charging. Ampcontrol's software discharges the vehicles at the right time without causing late departure or high battery usage.

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