Aeversa selects Ampcontrol for EV fleet charging in South Africa

March 18, 2024

New York, NY, Monday, October 3rd, 2022 — We are pleased to announce that Ampcontrol is partnering with Aeversa, a charging-as-a-service (CaaS) company based in South Africa, to offer smart charging solutions for electric fleets. In the past years, Aeversa has developed EV charging services and has decided to expand its solution by offering customers intelligent charging software. This partnership makes it possible for Aeversa to tackle key challenges in the South African market, such as grid constraints and power outages, thanks to Ampcontrol’s smart charging management software. Ampcontrol and Aeversa are already successfully working together on a last-mile delivery project and are enthusiastic about the multiple projects already in the works.

"We are excited to work with one of the market's most driven, forward-thinking CaaS companies. The challenges Aeversa is tackling in the South African market speak deeply into the technology behind our software, and we are eager to keep evolving our product for these extreme conditions," says Joachim Lohse, CEO and founder of Ampcontrol. "The level of technology and thought in Aeversa’s solutions, in combination with our software, will streamline the development of electric vehicle projects in the country."

"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa use to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible, despite the country’s constrained electrical grid," says Reando Potgieter, Co-founder and COO of Aeversa. "The V2G and programable charging schedules allow vehicle fleets to play a large role in helping South Africa’s power grid to stabilize. Aeversa sees its business of helping South African fleets transition to EVs as a responsibility and a privilege. We are excited by this international partnership, as it is a perfect example of innovative technology that drives change."

About Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol is a charging management system that seamlessly connects to charging networks, electric vehicles, and fleet systems. The software uses real-time data to ensure on-time departures, a low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless compatibility with other existing software systems. The VC-backed company has deployments in the U.S., Europe, and Africa. To learn more, please visit, LinkedIn, or reach out to

About Aeversa

Aeversa (Applied Electric Vehicle Energy Reticulation Systems Africa) aims to accelerate the transition of conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) transport fleets into electric-powered fleets. Aeversa, a green energy transport pioneer, consults the industry on the best ways to convert to battery-electric vehicles and offers a "complete solution" from specifying the required vehicles to planning and installing charging infrastructure. Its product offering includes maintenance, Ampcontrol's advanced charging management system, and flexible financing options for charging infrastructure and vehicles. The company's CEV (Commercial Electric Fleet) current product offering comprises battery-electric 3.5-tonne trucks, battery-electric panel vans and a range of electric scooters. For more information about Aeversa, please visit

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Ampcontrol is a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects to charging networks, vehicles, fleet systems, and other software systems. No hardware needed, just a one-time integration.

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