Software to optimize electric vehicle charging

Charging networks and fleet operators use Ampcontrol's software to reduce costs, ensure full batteries, and avoid late departures. 

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For vehicle manufacturers

connect charge points, electric vehicles, and solar energy

Sell more vehicles with integrated smart charging to reduce costs for fleet operators.

For charging point operators

Install more charging stations at the same costs with a smart charging that performs at scale.

For fleet operators

Ensure on-time departure, minimize total-cost-of-ownership, and maximize the utilization of vehicles.

Intelligence through the cloud

AI-powered software for smart charging

Ampcontrol is a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects to charging networks, vehicles, and fleet systems. Our API is the key to on-time departure, low peak power demand, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol is compatible with existing software systems.
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implementation of smart charging for ele

Updates & News

New API documentation available


Revel uses Ampcontrol for ride sharing service


Use Case: how to optimize 100 electric fleet vehicles?


A technology investment that pays off


more electric vehicles and charging stations at one location

60 %

higher success rate of fully charged vehicles


faster implementation compare to local controllers

Learn how to integrate and use Ampcontrol

electric vehicl charging for fleets

Ampcontrol for EV fleet operators

Fleet managers and operators are using the Ampcontrol software to operate their electric fleet vehicles securely. The software ensures fully-charged batteries and on-time departure of electric cars, vans, or busses. The fleet operator also reduces its energy and installation costs for EV charge points.

Avoid grid investments

Reduce installation costs for new grid connections, transformers, and other hardware costs when electrifying your fleet.

Install more charge points

Install a large number of AC and DC charging stations without causing operation risks for larger EV fleets.

Ensure fully-charged batteries

Benefit from self-managing electric fleet charging that prioritizes vehicles and ensures on-time departures.

Ampcontrol for EV Manufacturers

EV Manufacturers and OEMs are using the Ampcontrol software to offer intelligent EV charging in combination with their vehicles. The software connects to the vehicles' API, backend systems, or other OTA systems. EV Manufacturers and OEMs can seamlessly offer complete solutions to customers, such as fleet operators or commercial customers.

Compatible with connected vehicles

Ampcontrol works with software systems and APIs provided by the manufacturer. 

No hardware required

Reduce setup costs by avoiding additional data loggers. Ampcontrol connects directly to your vehicles.

electric vehicle telematics for charging
smart charging for charging point operator

Ampcontrol for charging point operators

Charging Point Operators (CPO) are using the Ampcontrol software to implement smart charging. The software allows dynamic load sharing and peak shaving through the cloud. No hardware is required. CPOs are using Ampcontrol's smart charging for public and private DC and AC charging.

No hardware

CPOs can seamlessly connect their OCPP system (or similar) to Ampcontrol's interface. No local controller is necessary.

Install more charge points

Install a large number of AC and DC charging points without grid investments or risking high energy costs.

With or without prioritization

You can set the optimization for each network individually. Ampcontrol offers various options for load sharing and peak reduction with priorities.


Case Study with 100 Electric Vehicles

This case study provides an in-depth analysis of electric fleet charging. The purpose is to help companies operating a 100% electric fleet of cars, trucks, and busses. The company plans to charge 100 vehicles at one central locations (depot). The fleet manager uses Ampcontrol to reduce grid investments and charging costs.

Avoiding grid investments

Companies are applying Ampcontrol for predictive planning and simulations.

Avoiding project delays

Companies can more easily stick to deadlines and avoid that grid construction delaying of EV charging installation.

Ensure departure schedules

After installing 100 EV charge points, companies are connecting Ampcontrol to fleet schedules and expected departure times.

simulation of electric vehicle charging
middle-mile logistic with electric vehicles

Electrification for middle-mile logistic

Logistic operators are using Ampcontrol to electrify warehouses, de-consolidation centers, and depots. The software enables dynamic coordination for electric trucks and vans to reduce dwell times, increase fleet utilization, and uptime for logistic centers.

Integrated with logistic systems

Logistic operators benefit from fully automated integration with existing tracking systems, warehouse systems, or fleet operation systems .

Connected to vehicles

Enrich your logistic automation for electric fleets to ensure on-time departures, high vehicle utilization, and short dwell times.

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