EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Reduce energy costs, increase charger uptime, and track equipment with an EV charging management system that gives you complete control


One EV charging management system to increase fleet efficiency, reliability, and security

Software for electric fleet management and ev charging with ampcontrol

Use AI-powered EV charging management software to reduce energy and installation costs. Ampcontrol’s UL recognized load management helps to overcome grid constraints.

Revel reduces over 45% of its energy with Ampcontrol EV charging management software

Up to 45% cost reduction with Ampcontrol

Increase the EV charger uptime with real-time alert detraction and asset monitoring. Ensure on-time departure of fleet vehicles using telematic and route integrations.

Achieving 99% charger uptime with Ampcontrol

Achieve >98% hardware uptime with Ampcontrol’s on-call support team. Take advantage of engineering support to build your customer dashboards and API integrations.

WattEV charging site at port of Long Beach with Ampcontrol

24/7/365 monitoring and support with Ampcontrol

Build custom integrations or connect to your data warehouse using Ampcontrol’s APIs with market-leading software uptime.

Customize with Ampcontrol's agile APIs

What fleet owners say

Kevin Kushman
CEO of Electrada

"Ampcontrol equips us with a dynamic tool to optimally plan capacity and manage energy demand to help our customers realize reliable electric fuel service whose price is lower on a cost-per-mile basis than what they currently pay for liquid fuel."

Reando Potgieter
Co-founder and COO of Aeversa

"Ampcontrol’s software solutions provide the energy management tools that Aeversa uses to give local fleet owners the confidence that a large-scale EV fleet transition is possible despite the country’s constrained electrical grid."

Phil K-Dobson
CEO & Founder at Aerovolt

"Ampcontrol’s API has been the crucial link in developing our systems for electric aviation operations. Their system has allowed us to be the first to bring EV optimization into the market"

Ned Funnell
Charging Solutions Architect

"Ampcontrol is exceptionally important for us because we really need to have our finger on the pulse of what's going on with our charging depots. Since we have a contractual obligation to a very high degree of uptime, understanding what's going on the ground is critically important for us."

Eric Mallia
VP of Sustainability Solutions

"Smart charging is important for Geotab customers as it provides a key input into managing both the loads at their depot as well as operations."

Support & Operations

24/7/365 hardware monitoring for EV fleets

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Energy Management

Overcome grid constraints and high energy costs

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"Ampcontrol's innovative AI-driven platform offers the tools we need to optimize and monitor our EV charge points. The company's vision aligns closely with our goals, and we are thrilled to be working with them."

Ihor Starepravo
Head of Software at WattEV

Case Studies

WattEV achieves operational excellence for electric truck charging sites

WattEV uses Ampcontrol’s software to reduce the total peak power demand and ensure high availability of the charging infrastructure for the fleets.

Revel uses AI-powered solutions to increase fleet efficiency

Revel uses Ampcontrol’s software to reduce fuel costs and provide public charging access.

Electrada uses AI-powered energy management to lower operational costs

Electrada uses Ampcontrol to lower operational costs for their fleets and customers

Copec Voltex Charges Electric Bus Fleets in Chile

Copec Voltex specializes in providing EV charging solutions for the greater public, private organizations, and fleets. EV fleet charging requires a high charger uptime, easy vehicle identification, and strong energy management. Amongst others, Copec Voltex uses Ampcontrol for electric shuttle buses transporting personnel to the largest copper mining site in the world.

Aeversa overcomes grid capacity problems using load management

Aeversa uses Ampcontrol for the energy flow and monitoring the charger uptime of electric fleet depots in South Africa.

7Gen Operates with >99% Charger Uptime at Last-Mile Delivery Sites

7Gen operates with Ampcontrol’s EV charging software to provide fast, high-quality electric fleet support with >99% uptime.


Revel uses AI-powered software to increase fleet efficiency
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