The software to optimize EV charging

Ensure full batteries and low costs: Control all chargers from a single hub. Seamless integration into your current system. No hardware is necessary.


How Ampcontrol changes the game

For car manufacturer

Sell more vehicles with integrated smart charging to reduce costs for fleet operators.

For charging point operators

Sell or install more charging stations at the same costs with a smart charging that performs at scale.

Enjoy options

Ensure full batteries, lower energy & construction costs, and maximize clean energy for vehicles.

Integrate fast

Finally, the freedom to keep your central backend (e.g. OCPP Server). Integrate Ampcontrol with only a few API endpoints.

A technology investment that pays off


more EVs and charging stations at one location

60 %

higher success rate of fully charged vehicles


faster implementation compare to local controllers

Learn how to integrate and use Ampcontrol

Knowledge center

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What next?

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