Intelligent Software for Charging Point Operators

Ampcontrol enables existing EV charging backend systems for faster project approvals, lower energy costs, and reliable operations.

No Hardware Required

Ampcontrol works with existing hardware and software systems. CPOs can use our cloud-deployment or on-premise environments without changing existing systems.

Seamless API Integration

Our REST API allows vehicle manufacturers to build a proof-of-concept (PoC) or MVP within a few days to test and evaluate capabilities. Our engineers are ensuring high uptime, clear documentation, and immediate support for projects.

What to Expect

Install More Chargers

Use intelligent load management to dynamically distribute the power between active EV chargers.

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce the power demand for your charging locations and avoid high monthly energy bills.

Offer Fleet Solutions

Enable a reliable, efficient, and sustainable operation of electric fleet cars, busses, and trucks.

Get Faster Approvals

Avoid delays by utilities or cities by demonstrating a lower power demand, advanced simulations, and reliable load management.

Offer New Services

Add value-adding services for vehicle owners such as on-time departure and extended battery life.

Avoid Hardware

Reduce installation costs, by switching from local hardware controllers to AI-powered optimization technologies.

Capabilities for charging point operators

Ampcontrol is a smart charging software for ev charging


Dynamic Load Management

Ampcontrol has developed a fully cloud-based load management software that doesn't require additional hardware. Charging point operators (CPO) connect their existing central charging management system (e.g., OCPP backend) to Ampcontrol's API.


Offer Fleet Solutions

CPOs use Ampcontrol's AI-powered fleet optimization technology to help fleet managers ensure an on-time departure, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and more when switching to electric vehicles. Ampcontrol's API can best use vehicle data to coordinate trucks, busses, and cars for depot charging.

An example of Ampcontrol's API use for OCPP and non-OCPP applications
Ampcontrol's simulation of ev charging optimization


Scale Charging Networks

Ampcontrol's simulation service generates detailed reports for expansion projects. Charging point operators make better decisions and help utilities to accelerate the approval process for new sites or site extensions.

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