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Ampcontrol Launches Automated Firmware Updates

March 6, 2024

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 6, 2024 - Ampcontrol, a leader in AI-powered software for electric fleets, announces a product update to streamline firmware updates for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with bulk automated firmware updates. With this launch, Ampcontrol empowers fleet operators to enhance efficiency and reliability while reducing downtime and costs associated with manual updates.

Firmware updates are crucial for optimizing charging station performance, ensuring security, and enhancing driver experiences. However, manual firmware updates present significant challenges for fleet operators. The process is time-consuming and can lead to operational disruptions if the firmware is not thoroughly tested. Despite OEMs conducting extensive testing in labs, the absence of a guarantee for bug-free manual updates poses risks to charging infrastructure reliability.

Additionally, updating firmware for a large number of chargers requires manual configurations through the charging management system or on site interventions. This cumbersome process becomes especially daunting for large fleet companies with hundreds of chargers spread across the country, exacerbating operational complexities and charger downtime.

Joachim Lohse, CEO of Ampcontrol, emphasizes the significance of this launch,, "We've worked closely with our customers to understand the challenges behind firmware updates. This bulk firmware update functionality is just one of many steps we take to make EV fleet charging easier and more efficient for operators."

Addressing these pain points, Ampcontrol's automated firmware update solution eliminates manual interventions and expedites the update process for hundreds of charging stations simultaneously. Now, customers can seamlessly execute firmware updates remotely, without the need for onsite presence, ensuring minimal disruptions to operations.

Furthermore, Ampcontrol's proprietary testing concepts ensure rigorous testing of new firmware updates in controlled lab environments operated by Ampcontrol. This meticulous testing protocol aims to mitigate risks associated with firmware updates, providing customers with confidence in the reliability and performance of their charging infrastructure.

By introducing automated bulk firmware updates and investing in advanced testing methodologies, Ampcontrol continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing electric fleet management. With a relentless focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, Ampcontrol remains committed to empowering fleet operators worldwide to achieve unprecedented efficiency and sustainability in electric vehicle charging.

About Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol is a leading AI-powered software for electric fleets. Fleet operators use Ampcontrol to reduce EV charger downtime and electric fueling costs. The software connects to the EV charging hardware and vehicle telematics to make real-time decisions and provide detailed monitoring tools to fleet operators. Benefits are on-time departures, a low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless compatibility with other existing software systems. The VC-backed company has deployments in the US, Europe, LATAM, and Africa. To learn more, please visit, LinkedIn, or reach out to

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Ampcontrol is a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects to charging networks, vehicles, fleet systems, and other software systems. No hardware needed, just a one-time integration.

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