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Charging Technology

Using EV Charging Technology to Optimize Your Fleet Yard Management


April 4, 2023

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is picking up speed. Fleet managers everywhere are witnessing the amazing benefits of greener and leaner transport.

But there's much more to managing an EV fleet than just trading in gas-guzzlers for electric alternatives. You also need to ensure your whole fleet yard works together like a well-oiled machine.

That's where EV charging technology, such as charging management software (CMS) platforms, comes in. EV charging technology helps to turn EV fleet management into a smooth, data-driven process.

In this article, we'll dive into the exciting world of EV charging technology. We’ll explore how it can help you fine-tune your fleet yard management and make your operations more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly than you ever thought possible.

Highlighting The Importance of Fleet Yard Management

The importance of fleet yard management cannot be overstated, especially for companies operating large fleets of vehicles. 

A crucial aspect of fleet yard management is making sure that every vehicle is charged up and ready for action when duty calls. That's where groundbreaking EV charging technology, such as smart charging platforms, can make a big difference.

Smart charging platforms such as Ampcontrol are designed to tackle the unique challenges that come with managing a diverse range of EVs. Ampcontrol puts an unparalleled level of charging control at the fingertips of fleet managers to boost performance and efficiency.

Ampcontrol helps to ensure that your electric fleet is always charged, primed, and ready to hit the road. Gone are the days of scrambling to find available charging stations or struggling to prioritize which vehicles need charging first. Ampcontrol takes care of all these concerns, ensuring that your fleet operates smoothly, maximizing both productivity and cost savings.

In the sections that follow, we'll take a closer look at how EV charging technology can revolutionize your fleet yard management, making your operations leaner, greener, and more efficient than ever before.

What is EV Charging Technology?

The fast-paced growth of EV charging technology is clear, with increasing numbers of fleets, school buses, and transit systems choosing electric vehicles to achieve their objectives. In a world where efficiency, cost savings, and eco-friendliness are crucial for success, advanced EV charging technology leads the charge in revolutionizing how we power and manage our vehicles.

EV charging technology encompasses a wide variety of equipment and systems that enable EVs to recharge their batteries including charging hardware and software. Some examples include:

  • Charging stations: Physical units that provide power to recharge an electric vehicle's battery. Charging stations come in various forms, such as Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charging (DCFC). Level 1 stations use a standard 120-volt AC outlet, while Level 2 stations utilize a 240-volt AC connection, offering faster charging times. DCFC stations provide even quicker charging by supplying direct current (DC) to the vehicle, making them ideal for public locations and long-distance travel.
  • Charging management software and systems (CMS): Platforms to help streamline and optimize the charging process for electric fleets. CMS platforms, such as Ampcontrol, enable the efficient management of charging infrastructure, monitoring of charger performance, scheduling of charging sessions, and prioritization based on vehicle requirements. This centralized control helps fleet managers make data-driven decisions that result in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Communication networks and protocols:  Communication is essential for seamless interaction between EVs, charging stations, and management software. Standardized communication protocols like Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) facilitate the exchange of information, ensuring compatibility between charging equipment and software. This interoperability allows for streamlined monitoring, control, and optimization of the charging process.
  • Power management systems: Systems designed to optimize the distribution of electrical power during charging sessions. They intelligently manage power consumption to help reduce peak demand, lower energy costs, and minimize stress on the electrical grid. Power management systems can also integrate with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to further enhance the sustainability of EV charging operations.
  • Smart grid integration: As the number of electric vehicles on the road grows, so does the demand for electricity. Smart grid integration allows charging stations and power management systems to communicate with the electricity grid, responding to real-time supply and demand fluctuations. This connectivity helps balance the load on the grid, support the use of renewable energy sources, and enable dynamic pricing strategies based on electricity market rates.

What is EV Charging Management Software (CMS)?

EV charging management software is a game-changing tool that streamlines and optimizes the management of EV charging systems. With this powerful software, fleet operators gain a comprehensive view of their entire electric fleet and its charging needs.

The CMS acts as a central hub, bringing together essential data on vehicle status, charging schedules, and energy consumption. This holistic approach empowers fleet managers to make informed, data-driven decisions that boost efficiency, cut costs, and keep their electric vehicles charged and ready for action.

Real-life example

Consider a city transit system with a fleet of electric buses that operates on various routes throughout the day. Managing the charging needs of these buses can be a challenging task, especially when taking into account factors like fluctuating energy prices, differing route demands, and the availability of charging stations.

By implementing an EV charging management software, the transit system's fleet manager can have a comprehensive view of the entire electric bus fleet. The CMS provides crucial data on each bus's battery status, the time required for charging, and the most cost-effective times to charge based on electricity rates.

For instance, the software might suggest charging some buses during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower energy prices, while prioritizing the charging of others that have more immediate route demands. This way, the fleet manager can ensure that each bus is charged and ready for its scheduled route, while also keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Unleash The Power of Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol is a cutting-edge, cloud-based charging and energy management software system that effortlessly connects to any EV charger using OCPP. Its system harnesses real-time data to oversee charger performance, guarantee on-time vehicle departures, and reduce overall energy expenses.

With Ampcontrol, you'll experience a proactive approach to fleet management that helps to maximize efficiency, and stay on top of potential challenges.

What Sets Ampcontrol Apart?

Ampcontrol offers numerous advantages, including real-time monitoring and control of every EV in your fleet, ensuring all vehicles are charged when necessary. Furthermore, Ampcontrol can prioritize charging based on your fleet's requirements. 

For instance, if a vehicle's departure time changes, Ampcontrol's system will automatically adjust the charging speed to achieve the target state of charge (SOC) in the most cost-effective way possible. Should the new departure time be unattainable due to charger or battery limitations, the fleet operator will be promptly notified.

A Data-Driven Approach

Ampcontrol delivers in-depth data and analytics on charging and energy usage, empowering fleet managers to fine-tune their operations. Managers can use the platform to spot trends in energy consumption and charging habits, and make data-driven adjustments to their strategies. 

Ampcontrol can lead to significant cost savings by minimizing energy usage during peak hours and optimizing charging schedules to capitalize on lower electricity rates, ultimately benefiting the fleet's bottom line.

Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Thanks to its constant communication with each fleet vehicle, Ampcontrol's platform can detect issues with the charging infrastructure or the EVs themselves, providing timely alerts to fleet managers. The early warning system enables more effective maintenance and repair planning, helping to  reduce downtime and extend the lifespan of your EV fleet. 

Ampcontrol In Action – A Mini Case Study

Helping Revel’s EV Fleet To Reduce Demand Charges

Revel teamed up with Ampcontrol to enhance the charging operations at their Superhub in Brooklyn, New York. This hub is the largest of its kind in North America, with 25 fast chargers serving both Revel's Tesla Model Y ride-sharing fleet and the public. 

Ampcontrol's solution cut the site's peak power demand by 45%, significantly reducing monthly costs. The system makes sure each vehicle is charged on time while allowing smooth dual usage for external customers and Revel's fleet.

Ampcontrol's software streamlines charging at the Superhub by connecting to the fast chargers and considering each vehicle's battery level, the site's power capacity, and vehicle schedules. The software can tell the difference between Revel vehicles and public chargers, prioritizing public charging customers while adjusting Revel fleet charging without increasing power demand or causing delays.

Revolutionize Your Fleet Management with Smart Charging Solutions

Cutting-edge charging technologies like Ampcontrol have the power to revolutionize fleet yard management in numerous ways. 

With real-time data collection and control capabilities, intelligent prioritization based on fleet needs, detailed data analytics, and proactive maintenance alerts, Ampcontrol can help you supercharge your fleet operations, drive down costs, and boost efficiency.

Don't let your fleet fall behind in the EV revolution. Take advantage of Ampcontrol's innovative solutions and unlock the full potential of your electric fleet. Reach out to Ampcontrol today.

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