Ampcontrol Joins the Smart Grid Observer During EV Charging Infrastructure Summit

July 17, 2024

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Ampcontrol, the leading solution for electric fleet operators, joins the 5th EV Charging Infrastructure Summit - North America, organized by Smart Grid Observer on July 16-17 in Chicago. 

“We are excited about this EV Charging Infrastructure Summit and about connecting with industry leaders as we continue to expand in the market,” said Joachim Lohse, CEO and Founder of Ampcontrol Technologies. “During the event, Ampcontrol’s team will offer product demonstrations and guidance to logistic and trucking companies on electrifying and optimizing fleets.”

Joachim Lohse, CEO and Founder of Ampcontrol Technologies, will be the keynote speaker and present at the conference Best of Both Worlds—Ensuring Grid Security While Oversubscribing Your EV Charging Site on Wednesday, July 17th, at 11:00 a.m. During this presentation, Joachim will be sharing solutions to solve problems during the fleet electrifying process, how to manage grid constraints, high charger downtime, and the impact on the EV industry in terms of time, costs, infrastructure, and similar. Registration for the event is now open and available on Smart Grid Observer's website.

Conference attendees are presented with a unique opportunity to visit Ampcontrol's table at the EV Charging Infrastructure Summit. Here, they can gain valuable insights into smart charging management and other innovative solutions for electric fleets. Ampcontrol encourages attendees to reach out to contact@ampcontrol.io to schedule a one-on-one with an EV expert during the conference, further enhancing their learning experience.

About Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol is the leading AI-powered software for electric fleets. Fleet operators use Ampcontrol to reduce EV charger downtime and electric fueling costs. The software connects to the EV charging hardware and vehicle telematics to make real-time decisions and provide detailed monitoring tools to fleet operators. Benefits are on-time departures, a low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless compatibility with existing software systems. The VC-backed company has deployments in the US, Europe, LATAM, and Africa. To learn more, please visit https://www.ampcontrol.io/, LinkedIn, or reach out to pr@ampcontrol.io.

EV Charging Management Made Simple

Ampcontrol is a cloud-based software that seamlessly connects to charging networks, vehicles, fleet systems, and other software systems. No hardware needed, just a one-time integration.

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