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Ampcontrol Announces AmpEdge

May 15, 2024

Ampcontrol Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered software solutions for electric fleets, is proud to announce the launch of AmpEdge, a cutting-edge local controller designed to revolutionize electric fleet management with reduced latency and highly-reliable load management capabilities.

AmpEdge offers fleet operators and energy solution providers a host of technical benefits, including integration with on-site generation, building load management, and renewable energy sources. It can operate offline without an internet connection while effectively managing power, ensuring uninterrupted charging operations even in challenging environments.

Fleets can use AmpEdge with the Ampcontrol Cloud to install more chargers and reduce monthly operations costs. Fleet operators such as WattEV, Revel, and Electrada have used the Ampcontrol cloud for years. The AmpEdge will give even more options for large electric fleet depots.

Over the past months, Ampcontrol’s team has been working closely with customers to develop and test AmpEdge, which it can now offer to fleet operators across four continents.

With the introduction of AmpEdge, fleet operators achieve a number of positive business outcomes:

  1. Increased Charger Uptime: AmpEdge ensures higher charger uptime, mitigating downtime caused by internet connection issues and enhancing operational reliability. 
  2. Maximize Operational Efficiency: AmpEdge works in sync with Ampcontrol’s cloud enabling lower energy costs and on-time departure optimization for fleet vehicles.
  3. Accelerate Electrification: Fleet operators can install more chargers at lower costs, by leveraging Ampcontrol’s oversubscription functionalities to overcome grid constraints.

Since the AmpEdge is using standard protocols based on Modbus, MQTT and OCPP, the commissioning is seamless and site deployments are possible within less than a day.

"We're excited about the launch of AmpEdge and its potential to transform electric fleet management for charging sites," said Joachim Lohse, CEO and Founder of Ampcontrol Technologies. "With AmpEdge, companies can achieve higher charger uptime, faster load management and greater operational flexibility, ultimately driving efficiency and sustainability in their fleets.”

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Ampcontrol is the leading AI-powered software for electric fleets. Fleet operators use Ampcontrol to reduce EV charger downtime and electric fueling costs. The software connects to EV charging hardware and vehicle telematics to make real-time decisions and provide detailed monitoring tools to fleet operators. Benefits of using Ampcontrol include on-time fleet departures, low peak power demand, energy cost reductions, fully charged vehicles, and more. Ampcontrol’s API-based platform allows for easy and seamless compatibility with other existing software systems. Ampcontrol is currently deployed in the US, Europe, LATAM and Africa. To learn more, reach out to

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