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Charging Technology

The Critical Role of UL 60730-1 in Oversubscribing EV Charging Sites


December 12, 2023

What is Oversubscription?

In the context of EV chargers, oversubscription can be defined as installing more EV charging power than supported by the site's breaker, panel, or transformer. In practical terms, it means having a charging capacity that exceeds the nameplate capacity that the grid equipment can supply, allowing for scalability and flexibility in the face of dynamic grid constraints. This unique approach solves the most critical challenges for EV charging operators.

Why is oversubscription important to EV charging sites?

Oversubscription emerges as a critical factor for the success and efficiency of EV charging sites. During charger installations, site owners must ensure that the grid infrastructure can handle the power demands of the new stations. However, grid constraints often become bottlenecks, causing delays in project timelines. By oversubscribing - installing more chargers the grid can fully support - projects can move forward without the lengthy utility improvement process. While this may limit simultaneous use at maximum capacity, effective load management strategies optimize resource utilization, minimizing wait times and facilitating faster, more flexible deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

For example, a site installing ten 100 kW chargers requires equipment supporting 1,000 kW. With oversubscription, you could reduce the capacity needed to 700kW or even lower. In essence, oversubscription facilitates a faster and more flexible deployment of charging infrastructure.

What is UL 60730-1 Certification?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent safety science company and the leading safety science organization that specializes in testing, inspection, certification, and auditing of products to ensure safety and performance in the industry. It plays a significant role in the EV charging industry to help companies develop scalable and reliable technology while maintaining a very high safety standard.

UL 60730-1 is a standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories. This certification defines the reliable automatic electrical controls for electric equipment. Among others, it describes safety and test procedures for automatic controls of electric equipment, ensuring that these controls meet specific safety criteria. While it can be applied for EV charging stations (AC and DC), it covers many devices, such as thermostats, timers, and others. 

Does UL 60730-1 Certification Allow You to Oversubscribe Grid Connections?

UL 60730-1 certification plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, particularly when it comes to oversubscribing grid connections. Breakers and other electrical equipment, designed to prevent excessive power draw from the grid, adhere to UL codes for added safety. An energy management system compliant with UL 60730-1 is an additional layer for effective load management. This certification ensures the system meets stringent safety standards, allowing companies to safely and reliably oversubscribe grid connections.

In the EV industry, UL 60730-1 testing can cover various requirements for EV smart charging, including charging in situations with faulty hardware, offline chargers, connectivity issues, and dynamic power reallocation. Ampcontrol has obtained UL 60730-1 recognition for all these cases and has achieved a best-in-class evaluation. This recognition means Ampcontrol's cloud-based energy management system meets UL's safety and reliability standards. It is not only the first time that UL has given this special recognition to a cloud-based load management software. Also, numerous customers already use Ampcontrol for oversubscribing grid connections, providing a secure and dependable solution for EV charging needs.

What are The Benefits for Oversubscribing for EV charging sites?

While oversubscribing can bring many benefits, we see the following three factors as most essential for EV charging sites and EV fleet operators:

1. Accelerated Installation with Cost Savings

Oversubscription simplifies the process of installing Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and eliminates the need for additional power infrastructure. Site owners can significantly reduce or even eliminate the requirement for new transformers and grid lines. This reduces the complexity and expense (CAPEX) of multimillion-dollar projects spanning months or years.

2. Efficiency Boost for Fleet Operations

Improve fleet depot management by installing more chargers on the same site. This strategy simplifies operations by reducing the need for ground operators to unplug vehicles from chargers. With fewer manual interventions, chargers are freed up faster for the following vehicle in line. This streamlined approach is particularly advantageous for logistics and transit charging sites.

3. Strategic Reduction in Monthly Operational Costs

Take control of monthly operational expenses (OPEX) by capitalizing on oversubscription to lower power usage. Many EV charging operators pay demand charges per kilowatt, and by effectively oversubscribing and implementing dynamic load management, companies can achieve significant reductions in power consumption. Revel and other forward-thinking companies have successfully slashed their monthly costs by up to 45%, showcasing the potential of strategic oversubscription for financial efficiency.


In conclusion, the integration of UL 60730-1 certified load and energy management software, exemplified by solutions like Ampcontrol, emerges as a key facilitator for the seamless operation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. With its adherence to stringent safety standards, such software ensures reliable oversubscription of grid connections, addressing challenges associated with power demands and grid constraints. Ampcontrol has already proven its capabilities to save 45% of charging costs for fleet operators like Revel. With this UL 60730-1 recognition,  Ampcontrol also signifies a commitment to safety and provides EV charging sites with a secure and dependable platform for efficient load management and sustainability of the EV charging industry. Request a demo or contact Ampcontrol to learn more.

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