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Here is why we are going to see more large batteries in our electric grid in future


November 11, 2021

Batteries, just like any other utility storage unit, serve as energy suppliers depending on situation and time. It is amazing how batteries create a strange amalgamation of revenue and cost as well as throws straight competition in the power grid industry. According to available data, in the past three years, nearly 700 megawatts (MW) of utility-scale batteries have been adopted in the US electricity grid. It is outstanding to see the indisputable role of batteries in the power grid.

Batteries are growingly used in the power grid as they are cost-effective, offers optimal performance and have low charging durations. Having batteries installed in the power grid has come out as one of the most useful ways of optimizing the utilization of power and lowering its misuse at household and commercial level.

Many electricity companies have already got the batteries installed on their respective grids to enjoy certain benefits.

Some of the benefits of Utility Scale Batteries

1. Back-up Power

The most significant use of batteries in the power grid is its ability to back-up power for the household and commercial use. The back-up power of batteries can be utilized during the outages and disturbed electricity supply. Batteries, in short, ensure uninterrupted power supply to commercial areas as well as critical sectors like medical and health care.

2. Cost-Effective Infrastructure

The growing demand for electricity may require the installation of expensive high-power grids or upgrade of the grids that are currently in work. The handling cost of such grids can be highly expensive. Strategic installation of the batteries may help curb the growing demand at a reasonable cost. Batteries can help better manage the ever increased demand for power without heavy investment in the infrastructure.

3. Low-Cost Utility

Installing batteries at the power grids of the commercial and industrial facilities can help consumer lower the electricity bills. The commercial, as well as industrial facilities, require a heavy load of utility during the peak hours of the production. Having batteries installed on the site can help lower the consumption cost.

4. Balance the Daily and Net Load

The right usage of the batteries on the power grid can help manage the power loads during the peak hours and low-consumption days. For instance, batteries can be used for storing electricity when the price in negative or low and drawing the electricity from the batteries when the consumption and rate are high. This technique is best suitable for balancing the electricity cost without compromising on consumption.

5. Store Renewable Source

The role of batteries is not limited to storing the utility. In fact, batteries are great storage house for power which is generated through renewable sources such as solar and wind. The utility thus generated by the renewable sources can be stored in the batteries and later used when there is a shortage of power or the electricity is exceptionally expensive. Installing batteries with wind and solar-generated utility system enable the owners to better predict and manage the power thus supplied to the grid through renewable and battery setup.

6. Supply and Demand Balance

Installing the batteries on the power grid can help curb the menace caused by disturbed power frequency within a fraction of seconds. Commercial and industrial sector need an uninterrupted power supply to ensure the smooth production and supply of products. Any disturbance in the electricity supply can severely damage the production. Hence in such a case batteries can come out to be a savior during such time period.

The Future of Power Grid Relies on Batteries

It is worth noting that experts across the world have asserted that the future of power grid largely depends on the batteries for the very simple reason i.e. “batteries can store electricity like no one else.”

The advantage of installing the battery to the grid is most notable as companies irrespective of their size are making sure to have them on the grid for unmatched power supply. Companies like Tesla, most notably, have come up with unique battery systems. The lithium batteries are said to be capable of storing power from solar power as well as from commercial grids at a comparatively lower rate.

This is perhaps one of the most notable moves in the power grid system. Nevertheless, storage is believed to be the future of the grid and other electrical companies. It is believed that renewable sources continue to be as useful as they are right now in generating electricity could help in trapping more and more electricity in the batteries for later use. Batteries, in short, would make it easier to manage high utility demand amid low supply.

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