Manage EV charger security with the highest level of excellence

access control for ev charging and fleet depot locations and ampcontrol

Maximize charger security and access control

Manage driver access with a single platform for payment, vehicle identification, and beyond for your charging systems

Manage access to EV chargers for fleets (RFID and autocharge)

Charging Management System

Manage every charging station for your fleet

Connect and monitor charging stations, RFID cards, and fleet vehicles to control access and ensure high charging security

Manage RFID card and credit cards
Enable Autocharge or Plug & Charge
Track usage and energy consumption per user

WattEV achieves best-in-class driver experience using Ampcontrol


"Having Ampcontrol's support is very necessary for our operations. We want to avoid any issue where someone shows up at our depot and they don't know why the charger is not working."

Salim Youssefzadeh
CEO at WattEV
Salim Youssefzadeh
Aerovolt Launches UK's First Electric Airplane Charging Network

OCPP Backend

Authorize charging sessions even during internet outage

Fleet operators use Ampcontrol's OCPP backend to authorize idTags and restrict EV charging to authorized users

Offline authorization for 24/7 accessibility
Remote idTag management
OCPP compliant and easy commissioning

Aerovolt uses Ampcontrol's OCPP backend to manage 3rd-party access and an easy-to-use API integration

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"Ampcontrol’s API has been the crucial link in developing our systems for electric aviation operations. Their system has allowed us to be the first to bring EV optimization into the market"

Phil K-Dobson
CEO & Founder at Aerovolt
7Gen uses Ampcontrol's charging software for fleets

OCPI & Roaming

Connect chargers to fueling cards or charging networks

Give secure access to your EV charging depot and for the public using OCPI and roaming integrations. Ampcontrol completes seamless integrations to fueling cards.

Easy OCPI integration
Integrations to fueling cards
Public charging through roaming

7Gen uses Ampcontrol for its leading fleet-as-a-service operations and beyond

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"Collecting data from Ampcontrol's platform helps us monitor vehicle and charger integration data. This provides valuable insights for us to fix any issues and shows us how we can optimize operations for our customers as well."

Gabriela Favaron
Director of EV Infrastructure at 7Gen

Open Ecosystem API

Access data for custom integrations

Build your own secure charging solutions for operational excellence with the most comprehensive APIs for electric fleets. Connect your existing tools and automate workflows with seamless integrations to Ampcontrol

API for developers
Robust software support
99.995% software uptime

Revel operates New York's largest fast-charging hub for its fleet and public access using credit cards, fueling cards, and beyond.

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A key feature we rely on heavily is Ampcontrol’s load management functionalities, which we use to control the costs of recharging our fleet.

Hart Uhl
Senior Charging Operations Manager at Revel

Trusted by Leading Fleet Operators

Ampcontrol works with a wide range of fleets, manufacturers, and solution companies to help them optimize their electric fleet operations. To learn more about Ampcontrol in action, check out the following case studies.

Reducing demand charges of Revel's vehicle fleet

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Overcoming grid challenges for EV truck charging in South Africa

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Maximizing charger uptime at North America's largest EV truck site

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Providing 99% EV charger uptime for Vanderbilt University

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