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Electrification for logistic centers
middle-mile & last-mile


Intelligent scheduling and optimization software for reliable, clean, and fast middle-mile and last-mile transportation. 


Connect electric trucks and vans to your logistic systems and workforce management systems to ensure on-time departures and arrivals.


Reduce high installation costs from transitioning to electric trucks and vans using intelligent charging combined with vehicle monitoring.


Hit your GHG emission targets and replace your combination vehicles with electric vans and trucks while ensuring a reliable operation.

Electrify your logistic centers

Manage electric vehicle charging for de-consolidation centers, logistic centers, warehouses, and other freight centers. Ampcontrol coordinates electric vehicle charging for your trucks and vans.


more electric trucks for 
the same installation costs

electric vehicle at logistic center for
  • More charge points per location

  • Reduce installation costs and utility costs

  • Connect to the existing fleet management system

  • Ensure on-time departure

  • Maximize vehicle utilization

  • Achieve decarbonization goals

Solving problems for middle-mile transportation

Today, the average length-of-haul is decreasing from 800 miles to 500 in less than 15 years. Logistic companies see middle-mile as a new opportunity to reduce transportation time and bring goods closer to the end customer.

electrification of logistic center

High availability of electric vans and medium duty trucks

Sufficient range for middle mile range

Strong impact on companies overall CO2 emission target and strategies

Top rated technology company for electric fleet applications

GreenBiz and Ampcontrol

"AI-based smart charging software to charging infrastructure companies, which face high capital costs, long construction timelines and sometimes high demand charges when deploying EV chargers"

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