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Charging for Electric Fleets


An interoperable technology to enable a reliable, efficient, and sustainable operation of electric fleet cars, busses, and trucks.

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Charging for Electric Fleet

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Why using Ampcontrol for fleets with electric vehicles?


Use fleet information to ensure fully charged vehicles and a sufficient range for vehicles


Integrate backup power and intelligent fleet scheduling after hardware failure


Reduce the power demand for your charging locations and avoid high monthly energy bills


Reduce vehicle out-of-service by connecting fleet maintenance to EV charging


Connect to your fleet management system to ensure individual departure times per electric vehicle


Avoid daily manual tasks to coordinate electric vehicles at your fleet depots 

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Connect to Existing Fleet Management Systems

Ampcontrol helps you to connect your existing fleet management systems to Ampcontrol's optimization software. Reduce your implementation costs, change management, and employee training efforts when shifting to electric fleet vehicles.

Capabilities for electric fleet charging

Real Time Fleet Optimization

Reduce charging times, out-of-service times, or insufficient energy for your fleet vehicles. Ampcontrol connects to vehicles, charge points, fleet management systems to make decisions in real-time.

real time electric fleet optimization

Better Electric Fleet Planning and Simulation

Make smart decisions when planning your charging infrastructure and vehicles for your fleet. Simulate your fleet depot, test different scenarios, and generate management reports for better fleet decisions.

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Other capabilities and benefits

Reduce number of charge points

Ampcontrol's scheduling functionality decides, which electric fleet vehicle goes to which charge point.

Connect to electric vehicles

Ampcontrol connects to vehicle's telematics or vehicle data logger to make better fleet management decisions.

Day-ahead optimization

Ampcontrol optimizes up to 24 hours charging profiles for your fleet vehicle to make early fleet operation decisions.

Secured private deployment

If required, Ampcontrol deploys the fleet optimization software separately in private instances.

Simulate your fleet with electric vehicles

At Ampcontrol, we've developer AI-powered simulation tools. In only a few steps, we simulate how your fleet will operate when using electric vehicles.

Ampcontrol optimization for intelligent

Driving measurable ROI for customers



reduction in operation costs


in avoided grid installation costs


late departures

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Solving problems for fleet operators with electric vehicles

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. transportation industry accounts for the most significant portion of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (28 %). The medium-and heavy-duty truck sector causes 23 percent of those emissions.

90% of fleet managers believe electric vehicles are the inevitable future of commercial fleets.

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Empty batteries lead to late departures and reduced range

Charging at the same time leads to high costs

Every vehicle has a different departure time, remaining energy, and planned trips

Top rated technology company for electric fleet applications

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"AI-based smart charging software to charging infrastructure companies, which face high capital costs, long construction timelines and sometimes high demand charges when deploying EV chargers"

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