Dynamic Load Management to Operate EV Charging Sites

Floading Energy Infra is a solution company based in the Netherlands, offering end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle fleets — planning, installation, and operations. Floading also offers charging hardware along with charging management software for their fleet customers.

Dynamic Load Management to Operate EV Charging Sites

with Ampcontrol

The Challenge

Energy Management

Data Access and OCPP


Data-Driven Fleets: Exploring Telematics in EV Charging

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Ampcontrol works with a wide range of fleets, manufacturers, and solution companies to help them optimize their electric fleet operations. To learn more about Ampcontrol in action, check out the following case studies.

Reducing demand charges of Revel's vehicle fleet

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Overcoming grid challenges for EV truck charging in South Africa

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Maximizing charger uptime at North America's largest EV truck site

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Providing 99% EV charger uptime for Vanderbilt University

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4 charging sites
total 50 chargers (AC & DC)

Floading and Ampcontrol have a shared vision of the importance of smart load management for scaling electric fleet operations. In this project, Floading and Ampcontrol work on four charging sites together, with a total of 50 Floading chargers, including AC and DC fast chargers. The sites have dual-usage for last-mile delivery and bus fleets, as well as public charging.

Soon, the sites will increase the number of chargers, integrate building loads into the charging decisions, and include solar power generation in their sites. These additions will increase their charging capacity while allowing electric fleets to reduce their monthly energy cost and increase the use of renewable energies, subsequently lowering their carbon footprint.

Software Integration Process

Ampcontrol directly connected the real-time control software to the 50 Floading charges in less than a day, proving the scalability capacities of the software, and the speed at which Floading can optimize new charging stations.

Chargers Dynamically Distributing Charging Load

For 50 charge points, Ampcontrol manages and optimizes 1,700 charging sessions per month, dynamically distributing the charging load of the site.

Remote Monitoring & Testing

Ampcontrol tested various optimization approaches remotely, avoiding the need for in-person testing or hardware integration. The engineers perform successful tests, updates, and monitoring without in-person visits.


Ensure Scaling Possibilities

With Floadings’s plans of increasing the site’s charging capacities, it is essential to prove that the charging sites are able to handle additional charging stations without having power issues, or extremely high energy bills.

Provide Smart Power Distribution

With Floading’s dual-usage sites, it is important to manage unexpected high power demands when there is a high volume of charging sessions among fleet vehicles and public vehicles. Ampcontrol’s software dynamically distributes power, prioritizing public vehicles.

Avoid Expensive Demand Charges

Floading’s billing system is based on the total peak demand of the site. For this reason, it is necessary to reduce the peak demand as much as possible to avoid high energy bills. As operations scale, they must be able to keep operations affordable while keeping an eye on energy consumption levels.


Speedy Software Integration

Floading implemented Ampcontrol’s real-time optimization software in March 2022, in just under one day, to control the charging at four sites. Ampcontrol connects to the Floading AC and DC fast chargers to send and receive charging profiles and runs real-time optimizations to ensure the most efficient utilization of the sites.

Efficient Real-Time Charging Optimization

Ampcontrol’s software automatically optimizes the charging load by taking into account all active sessions, state of charge, and level of priority of each vehicle. With this information, the software dynamically distributes the charging load to reduce the site’s peak demand, and ensure the on-time departure of all vehicles. By doing so, Ampcontrol is also able to establish the site’s current power capacity, and the optimal maximum capacity, so Floading can plan accordingly the expansion of their operations.


Intelligent Software for Electric Vehicles

Whether you’re a fleet manager, EV manufacturer, or charging point operator, Ampcontrol is an AI-powered software that makes it easy for you to implement intelligent charging for electric vehicles.

Case Studies

Electrada Enhances EV Charger Uptime for Vanderbilt University

Electrada's mission is to deliver comprehensive service for fleet operators involves integrating hardware, site development, software, and vehicle expertise. For Vanderbilt University's project, rapid operational readiness post-commissioning was vital to avoid disruption to the campus community.

Copec Voltex Charges Electric Bus Fleets in Chile

Copec Voltex specializes in providing EV charging solutions for the greater public, private organizations, and fleets. EV fleet charging requires a high charger uptime, easy vehicle identification, and strong energy management. Amongst others, Copec Voltex uses Ampcontrol for electric shuttle buses transporting personnel to the largest copper mining site in the world.

7Gen Operates with >99% Charger Uptime at Last-Mile Delivery Sites

7Gen operates with Ampcontrol’s EV charging software to provide fast, high-quality electric fleet support with >99% uptime.

Aeversa Overcomes Grid Challenges for EV Truck Charging in South Africa

Aeversa’s vision is to provide clean and reliable fleet vehicles for South Africa. While every country faces the typical challenges, South Africa brings its unique ones that needs to be addressed by Aerversa.

WattEV Maximizes Charger Uptime at North America's Largest EV Truck Site

WattEV is a leading Truck-as-a-Service and EV charging infrastructure provider for logistic companies. Since 2022, WattEV has worked with Ampcontrol to launch the first EV charging hub in the Port of Long Beach, the largest port in the U.S. WattEV uses Ampcontrol to ensure a high charger uptime and a seamless driver experience. The site opened in May 2023, and WattEV will open several similar sites soon.

Aerovolt Launches UK's First Electric Airplane Charging Network

Aerovolt offers charging-as-a-service (CaaS) for airports and electric airplanes. The UK-based company integrates OCPP chargers with custom operations tools using Ampcontrol's charging software API for airports and electric airplanes.

Dynamic Load Management to Operate EV Charging Sites

Floading Energy Infra is a solution company based in the Netherlands, offering end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle fleets — planning, installation, and operations. Floading also offers charging hardware along with charging management software for their fleet customers.

Reducing Demand Charges of Revel's Vehicle Fleet

Revel's mission is to accelerate EV adoption by providing the infrastructure and services that make it easy to go electric. Founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 2018, Revel currently operates in New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Miami.