Load management to reduce the grid impact of electric vehicles

ampcontrol is the first-ever Smart Charging plug-in. Utilities use ampcontrol to reduce grid losses and allow more EV charging on feeders.

Local grid optimization

Non-wire alternatives (NWA)

Demand Response compatible

V1G & V2G

More than 50 percent of sold vehicles will soon be electric

Grid optimization

Why optimizing electric vehicle charging

  • Reduce grid losses and local peaks of feeders

  • Match EV charging with wholesale prices or ISO prices

  • Connect charging stations to local DERs and energy storages

  • Provide new services to customers

Customized tool

Access and customize Smart Charging for individual use cases

  • Avoid sharp load ramps due to time-of-use rates

  • Avoid grid constructions and long waiting times for EV charging infrastructure

  • Input data from grid management systems (e.g., DERMS)

  • Combine Smart Charging with Demand Response programs or utility EV programs

Get started with managed EV charging?

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Background: Smart Charging for utilities


A low-voltage network in urban areas is likely to be affected by the increasing peak consumption of EVs. A residential area with about 250 households, a 250kVA transformer, and a peak consumption of 180kVA between 4 pm and 9 pm was not designed to accommodate the charging of electric vehicles.

Adding charging for 40-60 electric vehicles, the network will face a consumption peak twice as large as the earlier peak. The transformer now has to provide a capacity of 360kVA during the same period. In practice, this would imply the need to quadruple the installed capacity of the substations/ transformer to ensure grid reliability and resilience.

Benefits for consumers and utility

Consumers benefit from affordable and reliable charging with very little interaction with our system. With time-of-use rates of their utility, consumers receive a financial benefit. The utility profits through reduced investment costs and improved visualization. Furthermore, the energy supplier has the chance to increase the use of renewable energy by shifting charging cycles when more solar, wind, and hydro power is being produced.

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