Intelligence for EV infrastructure

Install and operate more charging stations at lower costs

Welcome to ampcontrol

The software technology for operators and developers to make charging infrastructure intelligent. 

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What we do

Help charging networks and charging point operators to reduce capital and operation costs with predictive optimization

Smart Charging API
Reduce Demand Charges

Reduce costs

We reduce peak loads and schedule charging based on dynamic prices.

Smart Charging Integration

Integrate fast

Our interface makes the integration seamless for developers.

Green EV charging

Charge clean

Our predictive technology helps you to maximize the use of renewable.

How it works

Seamless integration with numerous Smart Charging options

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Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Keep your IT architecture

Avoid changes in your core Charging Management System (e.g., OCPP server)

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles

Versatile options

Enjoy the freedom of various use cases and select from different optimization goals

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles


Implement the Smart Charging API in only a few steps

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles


Save months of development efforts by accessing AI-based optimization methods

Benefits smart charging electric vehicles


Access to detailed documentation to make a transparent decision

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