Lower installation costs

With or w/o fleet management system

Busses, delivery, taxi, ...

Plan charging based on routes

ampcontrol is the first-ever Smart Charging plug-in. Fleet managers use ampcontrol to reduce their energy bills and to increase the availability of vehicles.

EV Fleet Optimization to reduce total cost of operation

EV charging for fleets

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. transportation industry accounts for the most significant portion of total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (28 %). The medium-and heavy-duty truck sector causes 23 percent of those emissions. (read more here)

ampcontrol is a solution to reduce electric vehicle charging costs and ensure the high availability of the vehicles.  

Cost reduction

Reduce the total cost of operation & ensure the availability of vehicles

  • Reduce possible downtime of your electric vehicles

  • Avoid maintenance on your vehicles by vehicle-friendly charging

  • Charge vehicles when the electric energy is cheap (off-peak) and avoid peaks

  • Avoid time-consuming construction when installing new charging stations

  • Install more charging stations without waiting for the local utility

Fleet Management

Combine fleet management with smart charging

  • Integrate your planned routes and driver schedules to optimize charging

  • Track vehicles and forecast your charging cycles before the vehicle arrives

  • Ensure full batteries at the start of a new shift

Clean Charging

Ensure your customers that your vehicles charge renewables

  • Connect your chargers with solar panels and local energy storages

  • Forecast renewable energies and plan your charging cycles

  • Achieve your climate goals!

Are you a fleet manager? Try it out!

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