AI-based Smart Charging to reduce energy costs and installation costs for EV charging

ampcontrol is the first-ever Smart Charging plug-in. Charging Point Operators (CPO) use ampcontrol to reduce peak demand charges, allow off-peak charging, and avoid grid constructions.

Single-point of integration

For OCPP or non-OCPP apps

Real-time data

V1G & V2G

Apply AI algorithms in your charging network

Optimization Methods

Reduce costs

Identify the best charging profiles with off-peak prices and to avoid high peak demand charges from utilities.

Battery & DER

Connect stationary energy storages and decentralized energy resources (DER) such as solar panels.

Save time

Avoid long grid constructions or approvements from utilities for new charging stations, grid connection, or substations.


Use individual & customized algorithms for each subnetwork, connector, or customer.


Benefit from a seamless integration

Single point of integration

Use one simple interface to integrate ampcontrol on your backend system (OCPP and non-OCPP applications).

Secure communication

ampcontrol is using the highest industry standard to give only authorized parties access to the optimization and the data.


Don't change your running system. ampcontrol allows you to keep your IT infrastructure as it is. Simply "plug-in" the optimization.

Real-time data

We help you to access and integrate real-time vehicle and energy data for precise optimization.

utility & suppliers





Customer Benefit

Provide Smart Charging to EV customers​

  • Provide data-driven optimization as a service to your customers

  • Customize the optimization approach for user individually

  • Give your customers new visualization options

  • Integrate user data from your mobile applications

Are you a developer or product manager? Try it out!

How do we reduce costs and CO2 emissions?

ampcontrol is an AI-controller that identifies the cheapest and cleanest time to charge the vehicles and matches this timeframe to the availability of the vehicle at the charging station. For example, ampcontrol helps you to connect electric vehicle charging, battery storages, and decentralized energy resources (DERs). The optimization decides for you when to start and stop charging to reduce your energy costs, use local energy, and join utility programs (Demand Response).

Reduce peak demand charges 

Microgrid integration

Charge off-peak if possible

EV, battery, and DERs

Reduce installation costs 

Reduce construction time

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